I had coffee recently with a guy I work with, and he brought up my recent...

I had coffee recently with a guy I work with, and he brought up my recent Men’s Health feature.
He started talking about how he had tried to get in shape and eat right many times before, only to burn out after a few weeks. His most recent experience came when he hired a trainer, and he told me that he didn’t enjoy the workouts, and more than that, he hated the types of food his trainer recommended he eat.
The workouts were long and boring, and nearly every meal was boiled chicken, rice, and broccoli.
He then made the comment, “I can’t imagine doing that for as long as it took you to get the kind of results you got.”
I stopped him right there.
“Woah, woah, woah,” I told him, “I have NEVER, and will NEVER, live like that. That is not how I got my results, and I would never recommend that to anyone else. It’s just not necessary or sustainable.”
My friend was blown away by the idea that my fitness transformation over the last 6+ years was not some combo of soul-sucking fitness routines and bland, tasteless food.
I explained to him that my results came about because I figured out what I loved to do, constantly tweaked and adjusted what was working and what wasn’t, had fun, ate right a majority of the time by simply eating real food, but above all else, was consistent for YEARS.
If anyone tries to convince you of something that is anything other than this — and you’re not trying to get ready for a competition — tell them “thanks but no thanks.”
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